Watch More Elyon Gameplay Footage from Kakao Games on YouTube

After months of silence, Elyon publisher Kakao Games has been more active in promoting the game in recent weeks

After months of silence, Elyon publisher Kakao Games has been more active in promoting the game in recent weeks. During the G-Star 2020 Global Game Exhibition, which took place this past weekend, the studio demonstrated more gameplay footage from the upcoming MMORPG, which included combat, dungeons, skill enhancement, and what appeared to be a mini-game in which players disguised themselves as sheep.

Last month, Kakao Games, the western publisher of the steampunk MMORPG Ascent: Infinite Realm, announced that the game's title had been changed to Elyon as a result of significant changes to the game's gameplay and overall theme. According to the publisher, the new name better reflected the game's new fantasy action MMORPG design.

Kakao has also recently released a pair of developer vlogs cheap elyon gold that provide an overview of equipment customization and upgrading, PvP duels, player housing and decoration, as well as how gathering and crafting will work in the game.

Meanwhile, developer Krafton is preparing for a stress test this weekend in preparation for the game's launch in South Korea in December. The test will take place from November 27th at 7 p. m. PST to November 29th at 4 a. m. PST. Players who participate in dungeons, hunts, and boss fights during the weekend stress test will be rewarded with a box containing a random enhancement item. Players who reach Level 33 will also receive a Wingsuit, and those who reach Level 35 will be rewarded with the one-of-a-kind Flame Horse mount as a reward for their efforts.


Krafton and Kakao Games changed the game's title from Ascent Infinite Realm to Elyon in April, in keeping with the game's transition from hardcore steampunk to a more generic fantasy/steampunk theme similar to TERA.

The development team has broken the silence with a pair of new trailers that showcase some of the game's visuals as well as its full-action combat system. There's also a new post on Twitter that reveals some of the game's key features, including in-depth skill customization as well as guild vs. guild and faction vs. faction PvP.

The English version of Elyon, formerly known as Ascent: Infinite Realm, is now live, which means that the steampunk fantasy buy elyon gold will be coming to the west at some point in the near future. The site includes a short trailer as well as additional information about the game's factions, races, and playable classes. Factions are divided into two groups: the Vulpin Council and the Ontari Union.

Since then, Kakao Games and Korean publisher Daum Games have been relatively quiet about the state of the game, but that does not imply that no work is being done on it. According to MMOCulture, developer Krafton recently announced their plans to hold a "massive" beta test in South Korea on July 25th. Registration for the beta test will begin in June. Even though there is still no word on when western players can expect the game, the beta will allow us to get a glimpse of the new game's design once it begins.

Elyon is expected to launch in the western United States in late 2021. You can watch the entire two-hour G-Star 2020 Elyon presentation by clicking here. After the break, you'll find the most recent development vlogs. 


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