OSRS Bloodveldslayer Runscape Guide

Regular and Mutated Bloodvelds are able to attack using magic-based melee, and are pretty proficient in combat. It is important to keep in mind that despite their melee attack the magical defence

Bloodvelds are slayer monsters which can be assigned to you as a slayer task by Chaeldar, Vannaka, Nieve or Duradel. They use their long tongues to attack you and you require a Slayer Level 50 in order to have a chance at eliminating them. Although they are a type of demon, Bloodvelds are immune to all the Demonbane weapons. Bloodvelds are available in regular bloodvelds and stronger bloodvelds that are more powerful and powerful.

Regular Bloodvelds can be found in the following places:

Stronghold Slayer Cave
2nd Floor, Slayer Tower
Basement, Slayer Tower
Meiyerditch Laboratories
God Wars Dungeon
Wilderness God Wars Dungeon
Mutated Bloodvelds are found in
The Catacombs of Kourend
The Iorweth Dungeon.
Combat Style:

Regular and Mutated Bloodvelds are able to attack using magic-based melee, and are pretty proficient in combat. It is important to keep in mind that despite their melee attack the magical defence, not your melee defense that decides the accuracy of their attacks. To guard yourself against the attacks of these creatures, it's a good idea bring armor with high-magic protection, such as dragonhide. Prayer is a better option instead of magic if you are planning to use melee prayer. They're an excellent choice for training and slaying due to their high health and a extremely low damage maximum. Mutated Bloodvelds have a high attack level and they cause damage very frequently. They also provide better performance than regular bloodvelds.

It is possible to safespot Regular as well as Mutated Bloodvelds to stop they from retaliating against your threats.

These locations are safe spots for regular bloodvelds

Behind the chair at the northeast corner of the Slayer Tower.
The armor stands are situated on the opposite side of the center-room.
In the north-west corner of the basement , standing between the chest, shelves, a chair and the broken table.
They can be found in the Stronghold Slayer Cave while using a dwarf multicannon.
The Stronghold Slayer Cave also has the east room. It is situated east of a rock and east of a pilaster.
They are also available in the God Wars Dungeon, behind the piles and bricks to the east of the rope for exits. To access this safespot, you'll require an Saradomin and Zamorak item.
There is a second safespot to be found if you go further north-east just behind the rock formations on the coast. This safespot only requires an Zamorak item
Mutated Bloodvelds can also be easily found in the Catacombs of Kourend and the Iorweth Dungeon. But, you may also wear Prayer equipment in order to protection from Melee. Alternativly, you can also teleport between an altar or the Catacombs.


Runes staves, staves, and other items are important to have in your arsenal to use alchemy spells. Bloodvelds can drop useful items. They include bone and fire runes, as well as blood runes. You may also find different weapons and armor, as well as gold coins and herbs.

Blood runes from Mutated Bloodvelds are dropped at a higher rate than their regular counterparts. They drop the universal ancient stone and dark totem pieces similar to other monsters found in Catacombs. They also drop crystal shards in the Iorwerth Dungeon.

Superior Slayer Monster:

The "Bigger and more powerful" unlock is available at a cost of 150 points. This will increase your chances of spawning a more powerful creature every time you take out one. You can then kill the superior monster to get higher rewards. The Insatiable Mutated bloodveld and Insatiable Bloodveld are both able to be defeated to get 4100 and 2900 Slayer XPs, respectively.

Treasure Trails:

If you're a fan of the elite and mysterious clues, you could kill a bloodveld to get one that reads "You'll be Licked".

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