OSRS Tai Bwo Wannai Trio Tips

With the aid of an fishing net, head to the fishing area to the southern part of the village to capture 23 raw karambwanji.

It is your responsibility to help bring Chief Timfraku, Tai Bwo Wannai Village's Chief Timfraku and their sons back to Tai Bwo Wannai. Now, you must convince Timfraku's three sons to come back.

Rewards when you complete the Quest:

2000 coins

2,500 strength XP

Fishing XP 5,000.

5k cooking XP.

1 Quest point

2,500 attack XP.


With the aid of an fishing net, head to the fishing area to the southern part of the village to capture 23 raw karambwanji.

Go into the home of the chief Timfraku, and climb to the top of the ladder. Inform Timfraku that Trufitus has consulted with the gods to ensure that your village is not cursed and Trufitus has brought you to this place. Timfraku will then ask you to inform his three children about this and then take them back to their home village.

To get the jogre bones go to the dungeon on the riverbank.

You can teleport yourself to Brimhaven and locate Lubufu close to the crates. Ask him about his age, the methods he employs to catch raw karambwan, and then offer to help you with some bait. He'll ask for 20 raw karambwanji. You must give him 20 Raw Karambwanji as you have already catched them. You will then agree to become his apprentice.

Then he will give you a Karambwan vessel used to catch Raw Karambwan. He'll also tell you the best way to lure it. If you are given a karambwan boat, use one of the three remaining Raw Karambwanji. You will also get fishing knowledge.

Teleport yourself to Karamja by using the fairy ring code "DKP". Tiadeche will be right next to the bank. Give him the positive news and ask him for his return to his village. Tiadeche will say that he will go back after getting the Karambwan. You can offer him your karambwan container and he will catch a raw karambwan. Tiadeche will ask you to donate any additional karambwan vessels the brother Tinsay. Tinsay will then use them to write crafting guides.

Cook two karambwans and connect to Tai Bwo Wanna south with the fairy code for the ring CKR Kill a monkey to pick up the monkey corpse and then collect the seaweed from the beach.

Then move towards the everlasting flame and then use the raw karambwan in fires to create poisonous Karambwan. Use the poison karambwan using a mortar and pestle to create a Karambwan poisoned paste. Make use of this paste on your spear.

Take a trip to the mining zone and you'll see Tamayu there. Inform him that your father wants to return you to the village. He will inform him that he's not able to beat Shaikahan with his spear. Tamayu will hand you his spear and potion of agility. Then he will go to the jungle and fight Shaikahan and agree to return to the village. He will then accept the monkey corpse. Use the monkey skin and seaweed to create a monkey sandwich.

Tinsay is located Tinsay by running to the south. After you've crossed the bridge, walk the rocks and go south. Inform him of the incident and ask to return back to the village. Tinsay will reply that he'll return to the village after repairing the tribal statue. Give him the sliced bnan in Karamja Rum and he will ask you to bring a seaweed snack. Give him the monkey sandwich and the man will request you to give jogre bones. The bones from the burned jogre are his. Then he will agree to go back to his village. Bring the vessel of Karambwan to Tinsay and he will make an instruction manual for crafting.

Teleport to the north east of Karamja Then, Tiadeche will hand you the crafting manual. Tiadeche will then accept to go back to his home village.

Utilize the code "CKR" to get to the Tai Bwo Wannai village. Timfraku will give you a an enormous amount of gold coins if you report back.


After completing the quest, the three brothers can be found in the Tai Bwo wannai village within the three houses located at the south end and you will be able to claim your rewards.

Tamayu has the Tamayu Spear Stall that includes cleaning cloths at 60gp and all bronze spears (kp) by running. (You can't buy kp spears anywhere, not even here - clean it with a cloth to transform it into the same spear.)

Tiadeche opens the Karambwan Stall, which sells raw Karambwan and Karambwan vessels.

Fairy Tale Part II players can utilize Fairy Ring codes for quick journeys to Tiadeche or Tinsay. DKP or CKR are the most proximate codes.

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