What are Animal Crossing's Worst Daily Tasks?

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Animal Crossing: There are a lot of daily tasks in New Horizons that players cannot avoid. Whether it is Animal Crossing Bells or Nook Miles players usually need to perform these tasks. Excluding some innovative tasks, many daily tasks seem very boring and boring, and even some tasks are still very troublesome.

These daily tasks are like a house chore list, but the content is different. After all, players need to keep the island alive and maintain the blooming of flowers and other plants. There are also island loans to be repaid, so the game is also normal in real life. Players may have to worry about these ordinary things, even if some players like them.

The list of common daily tasks will include finding shells on the beach, catching fish and bugs of the season, finding special items, and watering the flowers every day. There are also some slightly more difficult tasks, such as shaking trees and finding digging points to dig fossils and hidden objects.

For new players, finding digging points is an adventure. Players may need to rely on pole vaults or ladders to climb various terrains and then look for treasures. It is also possible to encounter danger, which is full of excitement and fun. Using Nook Miles Tickets to explore other islands has the same place, but it is more abundant, after all, there are villagers.

Shaking the tree is also a somewhat more quest, but it is also for some new players. Players need to pass this step to obtain some raw materials, such as acorns and pine cones on the tree. But there is also the risk of being buried alive by too many branches and being stung by wasps. And this is what players need to do in every activity.

The second, of course, is to catch insects or fish. Every season, special fish or insects appear on the island. This slowly became a chore.

The above example may be a bit interesting for new players, but many players will find it very boring. It has always been the same way, but the things obtained are changed according to the different island themes. These gradually become simple and boring daily tasks. Many players will Buy ACNH Bells to try to avoid these boring repetitive things.


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