The Telecom Site Automation Toolset

There are vast differences between different telecom networks and even within a single telecom network. Suppose we were to use power as an example.

The SiteBoss equipment that Asentria is known for is just a tool, or maybe more accurately, it is like a toolbox full of tools. The SiteBoss unit is, by far, the most recognizable part of our company and can be found in various networks all over the world. The part that isn’t as easily seen is that someone has to know how to use these tools. Our solutions are intentionally designed to be as easy to use as possible. Still, it isn’t as simple as how many people would envision an IoT solution, where you might go to a cell site, sprinkle sensors around and get back valuable data into analytics software that reflects what is going on at that site.

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What is significantly different from the idea of “sensors” is that the most valuable data from a telecom site is obtained by interrogating other intelligent equipment at a telecom site (e.g., Diesel generator controllers, HVAC controllers, DC rectifier controllers). It isn’t possible to place a homogenous IoT sensor on all the different makes and models of generators that are likely in the network and get back the data you want. The SiteBoss is highly adapted to perform this work, but like a hammer or a saw, the work that you get out of the SiteBoss is heavily impacted by the skill of the applications engineer that is using the tool. I could take a saw and hammer and make a functional planter box, but I’m far from able to do the type of finish carpentry or furniture making like someone with professionally trained carpentry skills.

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