Why New Horizons Is The Best In The Series?

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows all Animal Crossing fans to comment that it may be the best game in this series. Not only the popularity but also the sales are more than most of the previous versions. So what is the reason for the game?

The quality of life function is undoubtedly a big enhancement. Players can have a better multiplayer experience and can also make items in batches. More convenient tool rings and magic wands and other functions make the player's game more concise and relaxed.

The introduction of Nook Miles's new currency makes the game more content and interesting. Let the game's viscosity increase, players have more choices, and more mechanisms and functions are added. Nook Miles Tickets' island tours are even more colorful.

The more important difference is that players can make items and furniture by obtaining recipes. Although this reduces the player's dependence on Animal Crossing Bells, it greatly enriches the playability of the game. Players have more space to design everything they want. At the same time, the villagers have played their role.

Then with a more beautiful design, the game is made more exquisite, whether it is a map or an image. You can see that trees, sand, or flowers have better clarity and a more realistic effect. The game atmosphere of the player becomes more comfortable and free. The choice of custom design is even more abundant.

The museum has become more beautiful and can be upgraded and designed. The donated fish, insects, and fossils also make the exhibition more meaningful and valuable. More flexible and changeable furnishings. Players can place their own furniture in any position, creativity can be enriched, flexibility can also give players a sense of release.

In fact, there are other reasons, such as islands can be upgraded, the terrain can be modified, character modeling can be customized design, more interior decoration, etc. These are also different from previous games. This is a great update, more comprehensive, and more fascinating. More Buy ACNH Bells services are also slowly emerging.


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