Complete Yaya Touré Fantasy Hero SBC Guide: Costs & Tips

The Fantasy Hero Yaya Touré Squad Building Challenge has been unveiled, offering a 91 OVR card. To complete the SBC, assemble six different squads with specific criteria and rewards. The estimated cost to unlock the card is 490k coins.


The Fantasy Hero Yaya Touré Squad Building Challenge (SBC) has been unveiled on FC 24, offering gamers the opportunity to secure an impressive representation of the iconic player known for his tenure at Barcelona and Manchester City.

This detailed walkthrough will provide you with the necessary steps to complete the Yaya Touré SBC both quickly and effectively.

Follow these detailed guidelines, and you'll be well on your way to adding this extraordinary card to your collection, which could greatly strengthen your team.

Card Overview and Rating

In the world of Ultimate Team, players have been treated to the unveiling of a special SBC featuring the Fantasy FC card of Yaya Touré, a Fantasy Hero with a stellar 91 OVR rating . His card showcases a range of impressive stats, including 85 Pace, 89 Dribbling, 91 Passing, 88 Shooting, 87 Defending , and a robust 93 Physical attribute.

Additionally, the card is equipped with the Press Proven+ and Bruiser+ PlayStyle+ enhancements. To add this powerhouse to your roster, you'll need to assemble and submit a total of six different squads.

SBC Requirements and Rewards

To unlock the Fantasy Hero Yaya Touré SBC, players must build several squads meeting specific criteria. Here are the requirements and rewards for each squad:

  • For the first challenge, assemble a squad featuring at least one player from FC Barcelona and one from any TOTS or TOTW, with a minimum team rating of 86. Completing this will grant you a Mixed Players Pack.

  • The second squad must include a minimum of one player from Manchester City and one from any TOTS or TOTW, with the team's overall rating not falling below 87. Your reward for this challenge is a Jumbo Premium Gold Pack.

  • The third task requires one player from LaLiga EA Sports and one from any TOTS or TOTW, with the squad rating again needing to be at least 87. Successful completion earns another Jumbo Premium Gold Pack.

  • For the fourth squad, you’ll need to include at least one player from the Premier League with an overall team rating of 88 or higher. The reward for this challenge is a Prime Electrum Players Pack.

  • The fifth requirement is simpler, demanding a team with a minimum rating of 89. Building this squad will net you a Premium Gold Players Pack.

  • Finally, the last squad must reach a minimum rating of 90 to complete the SBC, and you will receive a Rare Electrum Players Pack as a reward.

Each squad must be submitted to progress through the SBC and eventually unlock the Fantasy Hero Yaya Touré card. Remember to check for the best combinations to meet these requirements at the lowest possible cost.

Completion Cost and Final Thoughts

Once you've successfully submitted the necessary team, you'll unlock the Fantasy Hero Yaya Touré SBC card, which can be yours for an estimated 490k coins .

Are you considering adding this Fantasy Hero Yaya Touré SBC to your lineup for an extra edge? We'd love to hear your plans and opinions in the comments section!

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